this website is for Elastos open source OS project and its sub projects. This is the online issue(task, bug and etc) management system supported with Redmine.

You should have an elastos.org ElastosID first, then register for an account here and then:

  • Browse the issues list and post a few updates on the issues
  • Try out the Wiki pages on a project

if you find bug of this web site, mail to to report that.

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ElastosHeadless: Android有自己的加载/链接器linker
Added by xilongpei 4 months ago

Tapestry: Tapestry on github.com
Added by xilongpei over 1 year ago

HA-Elastos: Call for Presentations: GI Operating Systems Meeting
Added by xilongpei about 3 years ago

RaspberryPi-Elastos: 把你的树莓派打造成一台谷歌云打印机
Added by xilongpei over 3 years ago

ElastosOrg: 导出webdav和osclass两个资源
Added by xilongpei about 4 years ago

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